How we guarantee the post-project use of our digitisation tool?


On 4 August 2022, AustriaTech and Polis organized the UVAR Box workshop on sustainable UVAR data collection. In the workshop, around 15 participants reflected on the remaining challenges for cities to collect and digitise UVAR data, as well as on additional scenarios and requirements highlighted by AustriaTech. Presenters Julia Düh and Martin Böhm from AustriaTech emphasized, that sustainability of the digitisation process is essential, as cities need to fulfill this task within the framework of the upcoming Delegated Regulation (EU) 2022/670 with regard to the provision of EU-wide real-time traffic information services.

The workshop aimed to generate discussion between participants and invite them share their needs and thoughts around sustainable UVAR data collection and publication. During two interactive sessions, participants shared their thoughts, opinions and questions in form of digital sticky notes on an online concept board. Together, participants explored different future scenarios of the UVAR Box digitisation tool, for example, whether the tool should be hosted locally or in a centralised online server. During the discussions, also the topics of accessibility of the tool and potential hurdles were raised. The outcomes of the discussion will help AustriaTech to finalise several deliverables.

Niklas Schmalholz from POLIS Network framed the interactive part of by introductory and concluding remarks, where he explained the UVAR Box project and informed attendees about the online information repository and manual for the UVAR Box tool. Furthermore, he invited the external participants to register for the UVAR Box Final Conference, taking place 7 September 2022 in a hybrid format.