3rd UVARBox workshop: looking back on the 1st year!

The EU-funded UVARBox project is inviting you to participate in the upcoming workshop during which we will present our progress, as we celebrate the half-way mark. The event will take place on 20 September from 2-4PM.

A lot has happened since the start of our project, which aims to digitize UVARs of several EU member states, in September 2020. After initial stakeholder consultations and mapping of available information, the actual digitization process is getting closer.

Thus, the workshop is a perfect moment to reflect on our first year of work, which we will present to you, focusing on the ‘UVAR State of the Art’ report, which includes a structured overview of the current and planned UVAR policies. In addition, we are showcasing the first version of the data format, which will be used as a standardised digital framework for all UVARs in Europe, the so-called ‘DATEX II-format’.

Additionally, we are also interested in your feedback, so we are looking forward to listen to your opinions!

Let’s take the significant step towards the digitization of UVARs together!