UVARBox welcomes its sibling: UVARExchange

The popularity of UVARs as a mean to regulate vehicle assess to inner cities is growing. Whereas UVARBox is taking the first step with the digitization of existing UVAR information, harmonization of data remains a challenge. This challenge will be overcome by UVARExchange, the second European Parliamentary Preparatory Action, which is based on the work currently executed by UVARBox.

UVARExchange, which was kicked off about two weeks ago, aims to provide information to drivers in the proximity of UVARs, based on the digital information gathered by UVARBox. Furthermore, project partners will facilitate the city’s access to information, especially of foreign vehicles and drivers. This will be crucial to guarantee seamless travel and will also help the city’s enforcement of UVARs.

These measures will be tested by four so-called demonstrators, each carried out in multiple cities across the EU:

  1. Signage: Demonstrate the harmonisation of physical road signs and their representation through variable message signs.
  2. C-ITS: Demonstrate the communication between infrastructure and vehicle
  3. Technical information sharing: Demonstrate the recognition of the emission standards of foreign vehicles by accessing the relevant technical vehicle data from other Member States.
  4. UVAR enforcement: Demonstrate that the city authorities can identify the foreign vehicle owner/driver to issue fines, by accessing the relevant vehicle registry.

Since both projects are strongly interlinked, further updates will follow in the upcoming months, once the project is producing first results.