UVARs were a hot topic at the ITS Congress in Toulouse!

A week ago, we were on our way back from a very fruitful ITS Congress in the beautiful city of Toulouse. As the leading event for smarter mobility and transport solutions, the congress attracted many stakeholders able to and interested in working with us towards UVARs digitalisation, dissemination, and communication.

DG MOVE stand audience at the ITS Congress

As our tool development is advancing well, we participated in the presentation of several UVAR data exploitation services. Together with service providers such as HERE and BeMobile, and the Dutch national road traffic data portal NDW, we showed what can be done with UVAR data. The program was well distributed on several days, to make sure the UVAR interested community would gather every day and advance on networking, knowledge exchange, and projects for the next steps. 

  • Monday, May 30 (12:45-14:00)
    Overview of the UVAR Box project by Pedro Barradas, ARMIS
  • Tuesday, May 31 (10:00-10:15)
    UVAR Low Emission Zones data services in the Netherlands by Ruud van den Dries, NDW National Road traffic Data Portal
  • Tuesday, May 31 (10:15-10:30)
    UVAR Low Emission Zones information services by Evert Gellynck, BeMobile
  • Wednesday, June 1 (10:00-10:30)
    UVAR Low Emission Zones data services by Christian Kleine, HERE
  • Wednesday, June 1st (12:45-13:30)
    UVAR Box Tool demonstration by Stefan Kollarits, PRISMA Solutions
  • Wednesday, June 1 (13:30-14:00)
    Overview of UVAR Exchange project by Martin Boehm, AustriaTech

The UVAR sessions program started with the introduction of EU-funded projects UVAR Box – developing a tool for UVAR digitalisation and communication, and UVAR Exchange – harmonising UVAR road signage and enforcement.

These presentations showed the research and development conducted by key EU stakeholders to improve the use of UVARs for the improvement of air quality and congestion in cities.

After the presentation of EU support and its current status, service providers explained how they can integrate UVAR data into their existing and planned tools and services, from navigation platform and traffic management softwares to data aggregation and harmonisation services.

Innovation comes from all sides and the ITS Congress, along with other large events, is key to enabling collaboration and multiplying the impact of outcomes and progress.

Finally, as the UVAR Box developments are close to their end, we got to showcase our results. Our partner PRISMA Solutions presented the tool they have developed with the support of the UVAR Box consortium and stakeholders network.

The aim was to benefit from service providers’ feedback to ensure the future exploitation of the tool’s outcomes, i.e., digitised UVARs in the DATEX II format. 

UVAR Box presentation
BeMobile presentation
UVAR Box tool demo
HERE presentation
NDW presentation
UVAr Exchange presentation

It was the first opportunity for UVAR Box and UVAR Exchange partners to finally meet in person, and we could realize how rich and fruitful these occasions are.

We are very happy that we could interact with other stakeholders, showcasing the result of our work in the last two years, and discussing how it can be further exploited to contribute to the improvement of urban mobility and citizens quality of life. 

Looking forward to the next opportunity… which could be our final event in September! Stay tuned for updates on this!