UVAR Exchange concluded with final conference

The UVAR Exchange Final Conference took place on 18 October 2022 at the premises of POLIS Network and online. The main goal of this final event was to present the findings and practical recommendations on physical road signs, VMS, C-ITS and cross border data sharing and validate these with those in the field. We counted with the participation of different stakeholders (national and local authorities, agencies, manufacturers, technology providers, research and consultancy agencies) both online and in-person.

After the successful digitisation efforts of the UVAR Box project, the UVAR Exchange coordination aimed at the cross-border exchange of UVAR information, which includes signs, warnings, a common language and other UVAR-related information. Since different countries provide varying legal frameworks for UVARs, it is essential for local inhabitants, workers, tourists and other externals to properly understand local legislation. The process started with fact-finding tasks and comparison of different solutions to convey UVAR messages. Differences begin with the simple abbreviation of ‘Limited Traffic Zone’, such as ZTL (IT), SOR (PL) or ZAAC (PR), as well as various versions related to exceptions or pedestrian zones. Thus, new signs for the beginning and end of a zone were discussed and ideas were exchanged. One of the main aims was to find a plain solution that would simplify the information.

Existing difficulties are growing by an order of magnitude, if vehicle databases and information should be exchanged between countries. A rather easy example of the exchange between France and Belgium, two countries which already share the same language, shows the existing challenges. The presentation of the ‘in group’ that different national databases of number plate information, as well as automatic registration system need to integrate and exchange data. This could be achieved through a European interface or a common format.

If these and other topics are of interest, UVAR Exchange invites the reader to watch the recordings of the final conference or consult the presentations below.


You can find the recordings of the Final Conference, as well as videos related to the UVAR wallet, project outcomes and pilot results.

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