UVAR Box & -Exchange are present at Smart City Expo in Barcelona

The Smart City Expo, which will take place from 14-17 November in Barcelona, Spain, and will attract more than 20,000 stakeholders from all over the world, is the perfect place to discuss innovative developments in urban environments. Thus, UVAR Box, UVAR Exchange and ReVeAL are delighted that Lucy Sadler (Sadler Consultants) will present the results of the three projects in a dedicated keynote on 15 November.

You still have the chance to register or to attend the event online

What is the Smart City Expo?

This year’s event will focus on seven strategic enablers touching the most pressing issues facing urban mobility: Micro Mobility, Public Transport, Automotive, Last Mile Logistics, Future and Digital Transportation, Transport Infrastructure, and Energy Transition and Efficiency. After last year’s success, the event will blend the physical venue with the digital space, allowing us to reach a wider audience while giving everybody the opportunity to experience the event in full.

What is the focus of the keynote?

Improving air quality is key to more liveable urban spaces, and a priority for many European cities. The transition to a zero-emission transport sector is needed to achieve this goal. Across Europe, schemes to reduce traffic pollution such as low-emission zones (LEZ) have multiplied, and more are planned in the future. What specific aspects need to be considered when planning and implementing LEZ? Are cities ready for the increasing number of electric vehicles?