Have your say: Survey on UVARs is live!

Before we can start the digitisation process of UVARs in European cities, we need to assess the state of play of these local regulations in EU Member States, and especially our focus areas (AT, DE, NL, BE, IT). 

Thus, a survey was launched to ask the community of stakeholders, cities, regions and national contact points, about the current and planned shape and content of their UVARs, and the related challenges and successes. We would like to learn about the role of the entity you are representing. Why do you adopt UVARs? Which tools do you use to create an UVAR? What does your UVAR look like? Do you have a digital road network?

Your feedback will help inform our future steps to support cities, regions, app developers, national access points and the entire UVAR community. You can complete the survey until February 12th, 2021.