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More and more European cities are introducing Urban Vehicle Access Regulations (UVARs) of different kinds. These local access regulations serve policy objectives such as air quality, liveability, climate change and congestion reduction. UVAR Box is an EU-funded project providing tools to enable road users’ information on UVARs in Europe, digitally, both ahead of and during their trip. Access regulations to cities include Low Emission Zones, Parking Regulations, Congestion Charging Schemes, Limited Traffic Zones, and Pedestrian Zones. The project started in September 2020 and will run for two years. 

The UVAR Box Hackathon aims to challenge developers to use UVAR data and demonstrate new and alternative uses that could be a benefit to both users and city authorities. 

This is the place to free your skills, talent, amazing ideas, and collaborate on innovative solutions. As well, it is an opportunity to improve your portfolio and be promoted by the European Commission and UVAR Box project through their communication channels. 

We welcome all industries and all skill sets. In fact, diverse teams create better solutions! 

The event will be hybrid, with an online kick-off and development phase and an award ceremony at the European ITS Congress in Toulouse.  

Registration is free! 


9th of May – Kick-off/official start 

24th of May – Solutions’ submission 

25th and 26th of May – Meetings with the Evaluation Committee and decision phase 

 TBD – Award ceremony: every participant is welcome to participate at the physical event, nevertheless, we will have online channels available to allow everyone’s participation.