UVAR Box for cities

UVAR Box benefits cities


The digital integration of UVAR data in satellite navigation systems, apps and route planners will enhance the preparedness of non-local guests to enter an urban area. These guests, such as visitors, tourists, business contacts or the entire road transport industry, will be enabled to avoid entering specific zones with unwanted vehicles. Alternatively, the knowledge of UVARs will enable them to either choose a different mode of transportation, a different approach towards potential business or alter their arrival into the restricted urban areas in different ways.

Benefits for Cities:

  • Use our tool to digitise your regulations
  • Share your UVAR data with your National Access Point
  • Support users to get around your city by UVAR data integration into navigation systems & mobile applications
  • Receive trainings to use our tools
  • Join a network of cities and UVAR-responsible authorities to share challenges and best practices

Further Information about local implementation

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You can find detailed information about national access points for transport-related data on the dedicated page of the European Commission, which also hosts an updated list of national access points:
Dedicated Page of the European Commission

  1. Until mid-February 2021, you can provide information on your processes around UVARs in our questionnaire, which you can find [LINK]
  2. Until June 2021, you can inform us of your needs in terms of UVAR digitization and communication.
  3. You can also submit your contact details to enable us to contact you and share updates. Please click here.

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