UVARBox Tool Manual

This information page allows you to access all information about the UVAR Box digitisation tool, as well as a user manual and a step-by-step video that explains the main features. In case you have further questions, feel free to contact the responsible person that is listed on the bottom of this page.


About the tool

You can submit your UVAR data through the tool by clicking the button below. Three different types of data can be submitted:

  • Submit fully digitised UVAR data
  • Manually create an UVAR in the tool
  • Manually adding an UVAR through the map feature

Support information


The manual, which you can access by clicking the button on the right, will guide you through the entire process of submitting your UVAR data in the tool.


Step-by-step guide (Video)

There are three different ways of watching our instruction video:

  • Full English video: click the play button.
  • Access subtitles: click on the ‘cc’ button insight the video.
  • Chapter marks: click on the ‘YouTube’ button to jump to chapter marks in the video description.


You can access the answers by clicking on the preferred question below:


You can take a closer look at the consortium members on the partner page.


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